About the Artist

1947: Born at Dongen , the Netherlands.
1965: Secondary school at Dongen.
1969: Training school for Teachers in Manual Labour, Eindhoven, The Netherlands.
1972- 1979: Workshops graphic art with Anne Huitema Overcinge, Havelte, The Netherlands.
1979- 1992: Workshops graphic art with Selma van Vemde, Arnhem.
1990 -1992: Supervision of dream therapy with prof. Vossen, Middelaar (image communication).
1991: Nominated for the A.C.Art Reward of Arnhem.
1993: Membership of the Amsterdam Graphic Art Studio.
1996: Workshop Helio engraving with Peter Singovic.
1997-2000: Member of the artists group "Het Venster".
1998: Member of the G.B.K. artist group.
2002: Masterclas: Edinghburger printers by Alphons Bytautas.
2002: Member of the artists group "Arts-place"
2004: 2nd price Castle Garden Hemmen with etching Lined-up Hosta's, 1999.
2005: Member of the V.O.G. (Vereniging voor Oorspronkelijk Grafisch Werk).
2005: Artist in Residence in Beijing at the Red Gate Gallery,Bei Gao District.

1993: Art gallery Eglantier, Amsterdam.
1997: Teylers Museum Haarlem: presentation of graphic art map 1998 at Eric de Jong's lecture "History of 17th century gardens"
1999: Hemmen Castle, Hemmen, The Netherlands.
2000: Persingen Church, The Netherlands.
2000: Kunstschouw, Westenschouwen, The Netherlands.
2000: Botanical Gardens of Amsterdam University.
2000: Gallery "De Sleedoorn ", Zetten, The Netherlands.
2001: South-Holland Graphic Art Show.
2003: Gallery Unita, Nijmegen, The Netherlands.
2004: International Art Event, Antwerp, Belgium.
2004: International Art Event, Dortmund, Germany.
2004: University of Gent (Belgium).
2004: Gallery Kdijk, Gendt, The Netherlands.
2005: Gallery Kadekunst Amsterdam.
2005: Gallery Inkt, The Hague.
2005: Bovag, Utrecht, The Netherlands.
2005: Artist in residence in Beiing.
2005: Museo Monastero Delle Lucrezie, Todi, Italy.
2006: Galerie Het Huys met de Luyken, Zutphen, The Netherlands.
2006: International Graphic Arts Show, Groningen, The Netherlands.
2006: Gallery Zero, Barcelona, Spain.
2006: World Art Print Annual, Gallery Lessedra, Sophia, Bulgaria.
2007: Doornenburg Castle, The Netherlands.
2007: Graphic Art from Portugal, The Netherlands and Belgium, Museum Nagele.
2007: Jubilee Exhibit "Rariorum Plantarum", Persingen, The Netherlands.


2003: Graphic Map for the Barenbrug grass seed company.
2004: Graphics for the Barenbrug company on the occasion of receiving the designation 'Royal'.
2004: Graphics on the occasion of a scientific congress organised by Royal Barenbrug.
2004: Calendarium for Gelsenkirchen, Germany.
2005: Jubilee Etching for the Woningstichting Valburg.
2007: Art Calendar "Botanical Graphic Art Jops Jacobs" for www.lippek.de